Hi – I’m Joseph George (aka JBG and @jbgeorge) – I tend to write about news, events, and trends in the tech world, whether they be in cloud computing, big data, open source, virtualization, server tech, mobile computing, IoT, social media… you get the idea.

I also like to find ways of bringing technology back to our daily lives – you know, kind of blur the lines when I can.  We’re all connected, and I like to highlight it when possible.

Add to that my own twist on things, and you have the JBGeorge Tech Blog.

As far as my current role, I am the Sr Director of Software Product Management at Cray – and get to see some VERY COOL work in areas like genomics, seismic analysis, space exploration, etc.  Lots of work around evolving systems management, open source, cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, end user tools, and so much more. I’ve also worked in both technical and business roles with other big names in tech in the world like HPE, Dell, SUSE, and BMC Software, in spaces like cloud, big data, scale out storage, systems management, transaction management, and more.

And I have to say – I’ve had the pleasure of working and networking with a number of bright individuals working in a number of technology fields!

Hope you enjoy the content out here – stop by often… Look forward to interfacing with you!

(Note that the views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own, and may not represent the views of my current or pervious employers or any other entity.)

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