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Dell + Equinix + Rackspace = OpenStack Demo Environment

Good day, cloud fans!

A big day for open source cloud technology – Dell, Equinix and Rackspace have announced OpenStack demo environments being stood up at Equinix colo facilities, allowing interested users to check out what’s so great about OpenStack. 

Essentially, it can be a great first step to investigating OpenStack cloud technologies, which can lead to a follow on proof of concept for user specific workloads and apps, whether on customer premises or at an Equinix or Rackspace data center.

Cool, right?

Inquiring minds can read the press release in it’s entirety at http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110330005532/en/Dell-Equinix-Rackspace-Collaborate-Launch-OpenStack-Cloud.

Or if you’re like me, you can just watch this video:



And what’s this about a Dell developed OpenStack installer that can enable bare metal provisioning of OpenStack clouds? 

That’s right.  Now we’re talking.

At the Cloud Connect event a few weeks ago, Dell, along with OpsCode, were able to demonstrate LIVE deployements of multi-node OpenStack clouds onto bare metal Dell PowerEdge C servers in less than 30 minutes

Check out one of Dell’s architects, Greg Althaus (who happens to be a co-author of the Dell OpenStack whitepaper), talk about this tool at Austin’s SXSW recently:



Yes, yes – I’m the marketing guy he’s talking about… 

It’s a really exciting time in the cloud space!  Our community is really starting to see ways that the cloud can drive smarter, more effiicent practices. 

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out. 

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Download the Dell OpenStack technical whitepaper from www.Dell.com/OpenStack.  It details hyperscale design of OpenStack on Dell PowerEdge C server technology. 
  • Drop us a line at OpenStack@Dell.com to learn more about how Dell can get you started on OpenStack asap.

What are your thoughts on the OpenStack news?  Feel free to share a comment below.

Are we having fun yet?  

Big time.  🙂

Until next time,

www.jbgeorge.net / @jbgeorge

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