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VIDEO: #Dell and #Citrix discuss #OpenStack at Citrix Synergy 2011

May 31, 2011 1 comment


Sameer Dholakia, VP of Marketing at Citrix, and I had a chance to visit with the VM blog team while we were at Synergy 2011 last week, and we talked about OpenStack, Project Olympus and how Dell and Citrix are helping move the OpenStack movement forward.

Some key items we touch on:

  • The history of OpenStack, where Dell and Citrix are pioneer community partners
  • Citrix’s announcement of Project Olympus, which include be a distribution of OpenStack
  • Core competencies that both Dell and Citrix bring to the OpenStack community
  • How OpenStack fits into Dell’s mantra of open, capable, and affordable.


You can also read David Marshall’s Virtualization Report article on InfoWorld that details more about Dell, Citrix, OpenStack, and Project Olympus at,0

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